Vegetarian Restaurants in Vancouver

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Vancouver, BC, plus Sula's top 11 best vegetarian, vegan, and plant-based items to order.

Sula Indian: Claiming Vancouver’s Market Space with Best Vegetarian Meals

By pushing people to try, love, and become a die-hard fan of Indian cuisines, Sula Indian has earned a badge of Vancouver's top vegetarian meals restaurant. Try now!

Busting The Common Myths About Vegan Food And Veganism

Vegan food and veganism in general is often misunderstood. Here Sula Indian is busting some common myths about vegan food & veganism. Check out.

What Makes Indian Vegetarian Food So Irresistible?

Indian cuisine is one of the most diverse & relished cuisines in the world. So, what makes Indian vegetarian food so irresistible? Check out here.

Things to Consider While Choosing Vegetarian Restaurants in Vancouver

Here are some points, or you can say ‘the tricks’ that bring you closer to the right vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver. Read these tricks here and end up having the luscious food served every time.

Mother’s Day Celebrations History

From all of us at Sula Indian Restaurant, we wish you a happy Mother's Day! Here's some background on modern Mother's Day celebrations.

Health Benefits of Indian Food

Indian food has a lot of health benefits because it's low in fat and high in vegetables, legumes, whole grains, fruit, and lean meats.

A Curious History of Curry

Curry isn't so much a taste, an ingredient, or a generic term for spice blends in India. (That's masala) Instead, it's used to indicate gravy-based—or moist—dishes on English-language menus.

Have Your Special Valentine’s Dinner at Sula!

Have Your Special Valentine's Dinner at Sula! Best rated Indian restaurant in Vancouver, BC. Authentic Indian Food Vancouver BC

Maggi, One of Vancouver’s Top Food Bloggers Visits Sula

We were delighted to welcome Maggi, a well-known Vancouver food blogger, to Sula for a tasting! Here's what she had to say about the whole thing.